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2017 Registration Is Now Open!!!

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Registration Deadline:  April 21st

Players should be registered based on the grade that they are CURRENTLY in (2016-2017 school year).

Costs per player:

T-Ball League:

Co-Ed T-Ball League (grades 4K & 5K) - $40


Girls Fast Pitch Softball Leagues:

Ponytails (grades 1st-3rd) - $50

Junior (grades 4th-6th) - $70

Senior (grades 7th-9th) - $70


Baseball Leagues:

Rookie League (grades 1st & 2nd) - $50

Minor League (grades 3rd & 4th) - $70

Major League (grades 5th & 6th) - $70

All-Star League (grades 7th-9th) - $70


Game Days by League (subject to change based on registration numbers)

League Name Game Day of Week Location
T-Ball (4K & 5K) Tuesdays Citizen Park Complex
Boys Baseball:
Rookie League (1st & 2nd Grade) Thursdays Citizen Park Complex
Minor League (3rd & 4th Grade) Mondays and Wednesdays Citizen Park Complex
Major League (5th & 6th Grade) Tuesdays and Thursdays Citizen Park Complex
All-Stars League (7th - 9th Grade) Tuesdays Westfield & County
Girls Fast Pitch Softball:
Ponytails League (1st - 3rd Grade) Wednesdays Citizen Park Complex
Junior League (4th - 6th Grade) Mondays and Thursdays Citizen Park Complex (M) and Two Rivers (Th)
Senior League (7th - 9th Grade) Tuesdays and Thursdays Citizen Park Complex (T) and Two Rivers (Th)

*Practice Days and Times are scheduled by individual team coaches.  

Click on the image above to find out more about our new baseball/softball complex project located at Citizen Park (North 18th Street in Manitowoc)!

Notice:  Due to a change in the Manitowoc Parks and Recreation policy, decisions on rain cancellations will be made at 4:30 pm during the week, not 4:00 pm as in previous years.  MYBA will make every effort to notify parents and teams of cancellations as soon as they're made available. 

If cancellation is not posted on the website by 4:45 pm, you are to report to your diamond as scheduled.  The umpire will make any decisions to cancel the games after that time.  Thank you.

No Games Scheduled At This Time

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Sponsorship Opportunities

The Manitowoc Youth Baseball League has sponsorship opportunities.  

If you are interested in supporting youth baseball in our community please contact Randy Heinzen.

Randy Heinzen

Phone: 920-683-0202

Questions About The Website?

Scott Volz

Board of Directors; Technology

Phone: (920) 242-9294

MYBA Mission Statement

The Manitowoc Youth Baseball Association (MYBA) is designed to provide all children the opportunity to play baseball and softball. MYBA provides this opportunity to boys and girls regardless of their skill level. Through this program, children will be taught to improve their baseball and softball skills while learning the important values of teamwork and sportsmanship. The MYBA program's goal is to not only advance the child's athletic skills, but to grow their overall development as a person.