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    Upcoming MYBA Meetings

    MYBA is planning two post season meetings this year. 
    Both meetings are open to the public.


    2014 Season wrap-up & Proposed Rule Changes for 2015


    • Open discussion on the 2014 season.
    • Commissioners, coaches and parent will have an opportunity to propose changes for 2015 Season.  

    Wednesday, November 12th
    6:00 pm
    Senior Center


    2015 Season Changes


    • Recap and further discussion of any of the proposed rule changes
    • Proposal of any new changes not already mentioned
    • Board to vote on all changes (voting closed to public)  

    Wednesday, December 3rd
    Time and Location TBD


    Any Questions, please contact Randy Heinzen or Scott Volz.  Thank you.

    Randy Heinzen

    Phone: 920-683-0202

    Scott Volz

    Phone: 920-684-3246

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    Inspirational Quote

    When baseball is no longer fun, it's no longer a game.
    -Joe DiMaggio

    Sponsorship Opportunities

    The Manitowoc Youth Baseball League has sponsorship opportunities.  

    If you are interested in supporting youth baseball in our community please contact Randy Heinzen.

    Randy Heinzen

    Phone: 920-683-0202

    Questions About The Website?

    Scott Volz

    Phone: 920-684-3246

    Subway Fundraiser

    MYBA would like to thank all of the parents and fans that supported our organization in our Subway fundraiser.  


    MYBA Apparel Store Now Open

    Click on the Apparel Store link in the top toolbar to check out all of the great MYBA merchandise.  

    A portion of the proceeds of all purchases go to support the MYBA organization.

    MYBA Mission Statement

    The Manitowoc Youth Baseball Association (MYBA) is designed to provide all children in the city of Manitowoc with the opportunity to play baseball.  MYBA provides this opportunity to children regardless of their skill level.  Through this program, children will be taught to improve their baseball skills while learning the important values of teamwork and sportsmanship.  The MYBA program's goal is to not only advance the child's athletic skills, but to grow their overall development as a person.

    MYBA Events

    No upcoming events found.